1986. I walk into Wheeler Cycles in Bathurst and fall in love with a 12kg blue & white Repco ‘Superlite’.

I ride it around Oberon, in to school and out exploring the local roads. My triathlete brother gives me some shorts with a chamois (leather) and a pair of cycling shoes. I get a jersey for Christmas. I battle local magpies wildly swinging my full size frame pump above my head as the magpie calmly picks me off between power poles.

A couple of years later I head of to uni in Bathurst and while I still manage a few runs out past Perthville, I start riding less. Eventually I stop and the bike sits in the woolshed gathering dust. About 30 years past with me rarely getting on a bike at all.

I look back and wonder why I stopped. Probably life getting in the way but I think what was really missing was the cycling community – when I was a teenager I rode alone, I didn’t join a club and my friends didn’t have road bikes.

Over 30 years later and I think this is the key to why we are riding, the cycling community that surrounds us.

I’ve been back on the bike for close to six years now. Almost 4 years ago a good mate of mine encouraged me to join the local Sunday coffee ride (lattesippers). I’d been riding a bit over the years before hand, first with the kids on a hardtail and then doing some road loops to build some fitness. I’d recently picked up my

I decided to build this site to give something back to the community which has given me so much. Cycling re-entered my life about 6 years ago with the purchase of a Scott Aspect hardtail to ride with the kids.

I logged my first ride on Strava back in Feb 2016, it was trip out to Lake Canobolas and a lap around the lake. On the way there is a steep pinch which I walked my 15kg Scott hardtail up. Throughout 2016 I logged occasional rides, mostly mountain bike trails and some cycle paths around town with the kids.

Midway through 2017 I started logging 3 or 4 rides a week. My distances increased and I started thinking about a road bike.

I suspect this potted history is similar to a lot of people who now ride, one way or another.

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