80km / 1127m / 3hrs

Barry Roobaix

Paul and Mal's gravel classic. Glorious open gravel roads that run South of Blayney and take in beautiful historic Carcoar, before the tiny towns of Neville and Barry.

Last updated February 1, 2022

Ride Profile

Elevation Profile

Classic steel is strongly encouraged… A little different to the other Ride Orange routes, this one starts in Blayney – but is well worth the drive. From Carrington Park head out towards the truly beautiful historic town of Carcoar via Browns Creek Road, then on to Neville and Barry, the best named towns in the region. The landscape in this region is very open and at times sparse, so riding out this way is always a highlight.

Gravel roads of course can vary depending on weather, but these roads are traditionally in quite good condition and can be ridden on a road bike with wider tyres (I ran 28mm). There are one or two gravel descents on the way to Carcoar that I found a bit sketchy, but otherwise it was fine. The climb up Fell Timber Rd is a particular highlight, as is the gravel section Old Lachlan Rd that turns off after Neville.

This route includes about 38kms of gravel.

Barry Roobaix Gravel Goodness
Fairford Road

Food & Water

Blayney: bakeries, cafes, service stations and pubs. Not a big town but plenty of food options.

Carcoar: much smaller but a few food options including The Village Grocer, Antica Australis and The Royal Hotel. Hours are limited though so best to phone ahead. See the Carcoar website for more details.

Neville: water at the public toilets.

Watch out for

Road Condition: bitumen roads are good, gravel roads mostly good, with some rougher sections.

Traffic: generally quiet the whole way round. Hobbys Yards Road on the way back to Blayney can get a bit busy at times and has little shoulder.

Variations / Extensions

From Orange & Return. Prefer to ride from your front door? Leaving from Orange adds extends Barry Roobaix to 145kms / 5hrs / 1820m elevation gain.