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Apart from a few shorter connecting gravel roads, close to town the main gravel riding is to be found on the fire roads in the state forests behind Mt Canobolas. Further out toward Blayney or Molong, longer gravel adventures can be built through farms and forests.

Gravel Rating:

  • Level 1: Road Bike+. Smoother gravel roads. OK on a road bike if you are experienced, with wider tyres and lower pressures.
  • Level 2: Gravel Bike. Road condition too rough for roadies.
  • Level 3: Gravel Bike / MTB. Possibly pushing the limits of a gravel bike. Deeply rutted roads, with large rocky sections. Steep climbs / descents.

Note: Always take into account that gravel road conditions can worsen over time and after rain or storms.

Disclaimer: Cycling is an activity that inherently involves risk, especially when riding on the road. Whilst every care has been taken to collate information to help you to decide where to ride in Orange, ultimately the responsibility for the ride and assessment of the risk involved in that ride is yours alone. The Administrators of this website do not make any representation or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, or completeness. Individual caution must be shown.

Berrilee Road

28km / 450m / 1.5hrs / 49% gravel

Elevation Profile

Ride on fire-trails into a corner of the radiata pine forests that flank the southern side of Mt Canobolas and climb up to the Pinnacle. Perfect for a hardtail or gravel bike.

Level 2

It’s Oh So Quiet… Located to the South of Orange, Berrilee Road is a route that takes you out the cycle path toward Gosling Creek, then climbs up to the…

Ginns Road Orange NSW

Berrilee, Giles & Ginns

44km / 615m / 2hrs / 59% gravel

Elevation Profile

Head into the forest and ride the fire trails, before open farmland gravel roads on the way back to town. Cracking.

Level 2

Pine forests and farm roads… there is something about this route, it’s not far from town but you just feel miles from anywhere. A great ride to clear the mind….

Ride Orange Bald Hill Loop

Bald Hill Loop

47km / 881m / 2.25hrs / 50% gravel

Elevation Profile

A good amount of climbing over rocky, rutted roads in the pine forests at the back of Mt Canobolas, with some excellent views along the way.

Level 3

Rough fire trail goodness… The pine forests on the southern slopes of Mt Canobolas are full of fire roads in varying condition. This route takes you up towards Mt Towac…

Bulgas Road

Ophir 68

68km / 1125m / 3hrs / 41% gravel

Elevation Profile

A scenic gravel ride out to Ophir, an old mining district and location of the first discovery of gold in 1851. Forest, quite roads and big open skies. Views for miles. A cracker.

Level 2

The shorter, easier ride to Ophir… but it does have a couple of challenging climbs. Ophir is the location of the first gold discovery in NSW in 1851. Off the…

Byng Gravel Ride Orange

Millthorpe via Byng

89km / 1120m / 3.5hrs / 54% gravel

Elevation Profile

A roundabout gravel way to get to Millthorpe. Head out through (the recently logged) Kinross Forest, then enjoy the rolling gravel roads around the 1830's settlement Byng.

Level 2

Update 9.2.23 I rode this route a couple of weeks ago on my relatively new gravel bike with 40mm tyres (Pirelli Cinturato H). The road condition has deteriorated a little…

Lookout Road near Ophir

Ophir 95

95km / 1662m / 4hrs / 46% gravel

Elevation Profile

The longer, more gravelly way to get to this historic gold mining area. A tour of some stunning panoramic landscapes; Kangaroobie, Ophir and Kinross Forest.

Level 2

Expansive views, quiet roads… this ride takes you out to the historic mining area of Ophir, the location of the first gold discovery in NSW way back in 1851. There…

Ride Orange Barry Roobaix Fell Timber Road

Barry Roobaix

106km / 1485m / 5hrs / 57% gravel

Elevation Profile

Paul and Mal's gravel classic. Glorious open gravel roads that run South of Millthorpe and take in beautiful historic Carcoar, before the tiny towns of Neville and Barry.

Level 2

Update April 2024. We’ve just completed Barry Roobaix for 2024 on the longer course Mal designed and I have to say I think it’s the best gravel loop in the…

Ride Orange Cargo Gravel

Cargo Gravel

90km / 1800m / 5hrs / 68% gravel

Elevation Profile

An out and back ride to Cargo via the better fire trails of Canobolas State Forest. Option One –  the gravel bike route.

Level 2

Cargo three ways… This is option one, The Gravel Route. Following the better maintained fire trails/roads in the Canobolas State Forest, this route takes you out to Cargo around the…

Ride Orange Cargo MTB Coolamatong Climb

Cargo MTB

87km / 1835m / 5.5hrs / 68% gravel

Elevation Profile

Ride the fire trails of Canobolas State Forest out to Cargo. Spectacular views. Awesome climbs. Rutted roads. Option Two –  the MTB route.

Level 3

Cargo three ways… This is #2, The Mountain Bike Route. Following many of the same roads as the gravel route but including more challenging fire trails. This route takes you…

To come: Belgravia, Big Tree, Mt Canobolas (back way).

Mixed Surface

A selection of routes that contain some gravel but are predominantly bitumen. Normally Level 1 so suitable for skilled road riders but as always conditions can change over time.

Mulyan Road

Mulyan Road

41km / 325m / 1.5hrs / 13% gravel

Elevation Profile

A nice easy out-and-back ride north of town, with some gravel sections thrown in.

Level 2

A flat to rolling ride north of Orange. Mulyan Road is an out-and-back loop that takes you through the new suburbs of North Orange before and on to Clergate Road….

Lewis Ponds

55km / 978m / 2hrs / 13% gravel

Elevation Profile

A scenic, hilly route East of Orange, with an 8km gravel section through the middle and a sharp climb through the Eucalypts on the way back.

Level 1

A cracking loop East of Orange. Head out the scenic and nicely rolling Icely Road past Suma Park Dam, then it’s a couple of fast descents to Lewis Ponds. A…


47km / 562m / 2hrs / 22% gravel

Elevation Profile

A mixed surface loop north of town with sweeping Central West views and a challenging climb on the way back.

Level 2

A rolling ride north of Orange with a solid climb up Kangaroobie Road on the way home. I originally intended to have two versions of this loop, one more road-focused…

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