89km / 1120m / 3.5hrs

Millthorpe via Byng

A roundabout gravel way to get to Millthorpe. Head out through (the recently logged) Kinross Forest, then enjoy the rolling gravel roads around the 1830's settlement Byng.

Published on July 15, 2022

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Rolling gravel roads… There are a few ways to get to the historic village of Millthorpe and although this may be a longer way to do it, it’s also one of the most beautiful, especially if you don’t mind ambling along gravel roads and tackling a few punchy hills. I rode this route on a hardtail MTB but it’s really best suited to a gravel bike.

This route is a series of gravel road sectors with connecting sections of bitumen.

Before you start: There is a low level crossing on Summer Hill Creek just below Suma Park Dam (8.3kms). If the dam is 100% full (see the Orange Council website – click on the Water Storage tab), there will likely be water over the crossing and you may be better following this alternate route.

Sector One: Takes you along Bulgas Road through Kinross Forest (radiata pine). The landscape is a bit surreal and feels denuded, but the views back to town from the top are worth the climb up to the top. Once through the pine section, there’s a downhill run through eucalypts and on to open farming country.


Sector Two: The longest and most scenic gravel section takes you through Byng (1830’s settlement) and then on to rolling farm gravel roads which you’ll share with local cattle & sheep and not much else. There are a few cattlegrids along the way. Note: the turn on to Gordon Road seems like private property but it’s a public road – please be respectful of the livestock though.

Sector Three: Greghamstown to Millthorpe. Very straight, only slight inclines and at the time of writing, smoother than our bitumen roads.

Millthorpe itself is one of the most beautiful villages in the Central West and has a couple of pubs, a few cafés, cellar doors and a few shops to take a break wandering around. From there it’s a few short gravel sectors linked by bitumen, heading back to Orange.

This route includes about 48kms of gravel.

Bulgas Road
Bulgas Road

Food & Water

Millthorpe (at 55kms): Numerous cafés. Millthorpe Providore is a regular stop for local cyclists. For pubs, there is The Commercial Hotel and the Millthorpe Hotel.

Cellar Doors en Route

Millthorpe: Angullong, Slow Wine Co and Tamburlaine are all excellent wineries with cellar doors in Millthorpe.

Mayfield Vineyard is on Icely Road.


Watch out for

Road Condition: bitumen roads are good, gravel roads mostly good, with some rougher sections (although this can change).

Traffic: Watch the section from the Northern Distributor to Bulgas Road, there is little shoulder and it can get busy, otherwise the roads are relatively quiet. Be careful crossing the highway at the end of Gordon Road.