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45km / 372m / 1.5hrs

Lucknow Loop

A great option if you are looking to avoid the hills. A lightly rolling but mostly flat ride out past the airport to Lucknow and back.

Last updated November 20, 2023

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Elevation Profile

ROADWORKS UPDATE (11.9.23): Beasley Road is currently closed for roadworks with an expected end date in early December (check If you’re keen to head out this way, just ride this route in a clockwise direction to Lucknow (out Phoenix Mine Road) and return the same way.

Lucknow is a small village to the East of Orange on the Mitchell Highway. Like the Airport Loop, which this is effectively an extension of, this is one of the flatter routes around town with about 370m elevation. Perfect for a quick blast or a leisurely coffee ride, stopping at the excellent Larder & Home in Lucknow.

The loop takes you out past Gosling Creek Dam and the Airport, through open farmland and includes views to Mt Canobolas. It also runs on the highway for a bit through Lucknow – it is a 50k speed limit at this point but can be quite busy. There is shoulder but it’s patchy in places.

I’ve mapped this route to counter-clockwise but it can be ridden either way – just be careful crossing the highway in Lucknow if you are riding it the opposite way.

Lucknow Loop near the airport
Views to Mt Canobolas

Food & Water

Lucknow is home to a Larder & Home (café), bar and service station for your food and beverage needs.

Cellar Doors

Patina. A supporter of Ride Orange, Patina is located on Summerhill Lane near Lucknow – not quite en route but quite close if you decide to ride to the cellar door. Bookings are essential but worth the pre-planning to experience the Patina garden alone. One of the most beautiful gardens in Orange and a perfect spot to taste the excellent cool-climate wines on offer. Gerald was recently shortlisted for Halliday’s 2024 Winemaker of the Year.

You can ride to Summerhill Lane from Lucknow. It’s about 1.5km’s west on the highway. I don’t recommend riding this section of the highway, but there is a gravel lane that runs alongside the main road on the northern side that will get you there. Entry is from the junction of Newman Street and the highway. It finishes at Summerhill Lane. Be careful crossing the highway.

The Jones & Smith Distillery cellar door and bar is also located in Lucknow.

Garden at Patina
The Gardens at Patina

Watch Out For

Road Condition: As with most Orange roads, the condition varies. There is quite a lot of patching on this route. Huntley Road is generally quite patchy, Forest Road past Spring Terrace is one of the better condition roads around town.

Traffic: A route with moderate traffic at any time of the day, where the cars tend to travel at the 100kmh speed limit as the roads are quite straight and open. The highway at Lucknow is normally busy but has a 50k speed limit.

Beasley Road Lucknow
Beasley Road

Variations / Extensions

Airport Loop: The shorter version, at 33km’s about an hour long.

Disclaimer: Cycling is an activity that inherently involves risk, especially when riding on the road. Whilst every care has been taken to collate information to help you to decide where to ride in Orange, ultimately the responsibility for the ride and assessment of the risk involved in that ride is yours alone. The Administrators of this website do not make any representation or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, or completeness. Individual caution must be shown.

2024 Halliday Winemaker of the Year Awards Shortisted
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Patina is a family-owned estate, located just outside Lucknow. Owner and winemaker Gerald Naef has making wines in the Orange region for over 20 years and has recently been shortlisted for Winemaker of the Year at the Halliday Wine Companion awards.

Patina was also rated 5 Red Stars by Halliday in the 2024 Wine Guide with an average of 95+ points for the wines.

Not only are the wines superb, the gardens are stunning. The cellar door is open on weekends from 11am – 5pm. Bookings are essential.

Patina Website

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